I am a victim of childhood sexual abuse. I was sexually abused by my uncle from 12 to 18 which resulted in 2 pregnancies and abortions. I am currently seeing a therapist to help deal with some intimacy issues I am having with My Fiancee. Sometimes he feels as though our sex is very routine and I am not present in the moment, and I am not as into it as he is. Which is completely a fair assesment. Sometimes I feel as though it is a job and more so for the pleasure of him than me.? Anyway

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A cat-lover

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The word

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A cat lover.

The rise of the internet has manifested the glorification of ailurophiles everywhere.

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Actually really pleased with my GCSE results.

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ang tubig
na aking natabig
kaya tumapon sa sahig

nangangatal ang bibig
habang nakikinig
ninanamnam bawat pantig
na lumalabas sa iyong bibig
tila himig
ikaw ang aking hilig
wag ka sanang matunaw sa aking titig
nararamdaman mo ba ang bawat pintig
nitong pusong kinikilig
dito ka lang sa aking bisig
dahil malamig
pag wala ang iyong pag-ibig

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Are you an Ailurophile?

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Are you an Ailurophile?

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Imagine?! -_______-

Wtf. Srsly. Ang socialization. 2pm. De, yung tata-uh?! Hay. Ke init init tas sa gym lang pa talaga. Mag suksukan. 1st

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Are you an Ailurophile?

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